DAC Is Back

DAC is back:

Awesome. For those of you who missed it, DAC was hacked on the 19th of April via a known vulnerability in the Coppermine Gallery which we used. The update to fix the vulnerability was released on the 12th of April with a further update on the 16th. Given there’s no way in hell I’ll ever be able to update the gallery that fast, I’ve taken it offline until I find an alternative.

You might also note a bunch of missing stuff as well. For starters, that “level” forum crap is gone and it won’t be coming back. Also gone is Teatime’s website… Which I’ll have to fix.

I’m not sure what else is missing but if it’s not there and it’s meant to be, let me know and I’ll dig it out of the compromised backup, check that it’s okay and upload it again.

I also recommend that if you’re security conscious, you change your password. There is the possibility that hackers gained access to the database which contains all your encrypted passwords. If they decrypt them (which is difficult but not impossible), they’d like, be able to log in as you and post stuff. It’s more of an issue if you use that password somewhere else though, like your gmail account or something or if you’re an administrator.


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