SPECIAL Fallout 3 Rumblings

A bit of controversy on the Bethesda Games Fallout 3 forum, this time about SPECIAL, with Matt “Gstaff” Grandstaff stating that:

I think you might be jumping to conclusions, as SPECIAL in Fallout 3 is an integral part to customizing the character you’ll be taking through the game. The use of of SPECIAL in the game is actually very close to how it was used in previous Fallouts.

Forum member Ares Draxus retorted with this:

Really, you must have missed the fact that Fallout 3 is real time. SPECIAL is a complete rules system, Gstaff. It is character creation, combat rules system, the whole kit and kaboodle. Very close you say? Last I saw Fallout 3 is still real time.

Gstaff again:

Yes, it is very close. Whether it’s in real-time or not, it stays true to the way it was implemented in the original games in terms of what your character is good at, and how it affects your gameplay experience.

I can’t get into much more than that. You might want to keep your questions about SPECIAL in mind for the next time we do a fan interview (when that time comes, I’ll let you guys know).

My personal take on this is that if Gstaff is saying that in general SPECIAL is being kept in the game, with the attributes showing up, with skills and perks and traits and all of that and yeah, I understand that.

But even at this stage, with little info, if one tries to see the specifics of the system and the way they seem to be changed and adapted, then there’s no doubt that the system is quite different from the old games.

So this is definitely material for a new fan interview, in my opinion.


2 thoughts on “SPECIAL Fallout 3 Rumblings

  1. Quite different, sure, but how different? Never got my finger on that. It might end up more similar, in superficial terms, than Van Buren SPECIAL was.

    I think Gstaff is talking more about the non-combat part of SPECIAL. Fallout’s system did lean a lot on combat so it does impact quite a few characteristics and skills to change SPECIAL, but things like speech and charisma don’t really have to change.

    But that said, he’s lying through his teeth. The balance of charisma and intelligence is different, constitutions has an impact on skill levels, etc. etc. Almost every tidbit we know is a tidbit of change. Don’t sell us no bull, Mr G.

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