Oblivion With Guns Strikes Back

From XBoxer:

I went to London today to see Fallout 3 in action, and while unfortunately I can’t say too much about it (save for the fact that it looks very much like Oblivion with guns, and thus very good indeed),

He lost me there. Still there’s more info on how Emil’s voice is hilarious as a a placeholder for the PCs mother voice, and this bit that is more interesting:

The game is currently around 80% finished, according to Bethesda’s Peter Hines – though that remaining 20% (involving bug testing, checking and fine tuning) “can often feel as long as the other 80%” Hines admitted.

Spotted on the BethBlog.


2 thoughts on “Oblivion With Guns Strikes Back

  1. Eye of the RROD
    “What are you doing dave?”

    ….someone ad to say it >>

    Oh god…..I hate oblivion and its azz suckingness nub dev mmo leveling scheme(ad yes I forgot the proper name for it….) where the mounters level up with you because the devs are to cheap to script things correctly.

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