Inside Jonah “KamikazeeKangaroo” Lobe

BOS shoots Feral Ghoul

From the Bethblog:

Inside the Vault presents Jonah Lobe, character artist. If you’ve played Shivering Isles, the expansion to Oblivion, you’ll be familiar with Jonah’s character art work. He also did some work for Knights of the Nine, as well. (Jonah’s answer for worst job ever sounds like the plot for an installment of GTA…)

What’s your job at Bethesda?
I’m a character artist and at the moment most of my work involves modeling and texturing Fallout’s bestiary. Basically, once a creature concept is fully realized by Adam, our insanely talented concept artist, I take the reins and do my best to translate his ideas into three dimensions. I’m essentially taking a sketch and using that to generate a fully realized digital sculpture, constructing the anatomy in a way most conducive to smooth and easy animation. From there I pass it on to an animator, who rigs and animates it.

What other games have you worked on?
Shivering Isles was my first title, and went a long way towards getting my feet wet and getting me primed for Fallout.[…]

I just participated in the Dominance War, which is a 3D character competition… for those interested in seeing some of my work — since my only Fallout-related work that has seen the light of day was one screenshot of the feral ghoul — and seeing the workflow of a 3D artist, you can check out my progress here.


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