Fallout 3 at Gamepro

Feral Ghoul

Gamepro has yet another Fallout 3 preview:

Developed by the same minds behind hit role-playing game The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Fallout 3 is an action-RPG that pits players against the mutant denizens of a post-nuke world. Your character is literally born into this apocalypse, having spent his entire life cooped up an underground bomb shelter called a “Vault.” Upon starting the game, you’ll experience the live birth of your character from the eyes of a newborn. You’ll learn to walk, look around, and pick up small objects all from the perspective of a toddler. Other sequences teach you to interact with playmates and pick your skill specialties, which will become important when you grow up and venture outside of the safety of the Vault. This birth-to-adulthood segment is a clever, intuitive way to introduce the control system — it’s much more immersive and interesting than a simple no-frills tutorial mode, and helps ground you in the unique universe of Fallout 3.

Spotted at NMA.


17 thoughts on “Fallout 3 at Gamepro

  1. Oblivion was crap, the “preview” sounds like an advert, I hope feral ghouls are merely the keyword name of enemy ghouls and I it would seem it takes 1/8th of the game to leave the vault.

    Impressed I am not.

    Altho it will probably take a demo to make me impressed and I am sure they will have one 9 months after the games launch to protect sales….

    anyone do a in depth article on what we know the combat system will be?

  2. There’s no much known on the combat system, zippydsmlee. The guy from GamersInfo explained it once (Briosa did a blogpost on that, it’s in here somewhere) and I tried explaining it in the NMA preview.

    But new information and misinformation keeps getting mixed up in it.

    Also, Bethesda doesn’t do demos.

  3. None, from what I remember you said it sounded a lot like Mass Effect’s combat with a bit of that Tequila Time follow your bullet to the goo effect (for those of you that played Stranglehold or the Demo)…

  4. I’d definitely want to see a combat video. How does the skill impact combat in real time? Is it a large reticle for the unskilled like ME or is it going to be a frustrating aim for his head but still miss kind of system.

  5. The reticle wasn’t bigger from what I remember, killzig, but as in ME it was larger in the sense that there was a big circle around it where unskilled shots could go. Pete Hines was aiming straight for a mutant and missing by a mile with a laser rifle.

    And yeah, it’s very, very similar to Mass Effect. In fact, I think Mass Effect, Fallout 3 and Alpha Protocol look to be very similar games, period.

  6. Brother None
    The industry dosent do demos much anymore, its either a sneak preview thats so short you can’t call it a demo or its released after the game is out.

    I guess my hopes for a FPS/turn based system is dashed, joy another bastardized CRPG system….

    No gun and run theme please…I have had my fill of corridor gun and run FPS… FO3 is already watered down as a FO/RPG they can’t posabily water it down more..(remembers bioshock).oh wait..


  7. well they (Emil and Todd) have evoked the names of CoD and Halo when talking about the gun play. I also believe E-mil has used the words ‘run and gun’ before as well, with the only barrier to that being VATS (if you choose to use it).

    I see myself using stealth quite often, where possible. :fingers crossed:

  8. killzig
    Ah… so it is a hybrid action shooter/pause CRPG thing like after all… I wont keep my hopes up but as long as I can move aim shoot and do location damage AND pause and give out commands I will be “happy”.

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