V.A.T.S. And Power Armor

On the Gametap preview we talked about earlier there was at one point a sentence that caused some controversy:

One interesting side detail: A Bethesda representative was demonstrating the combat and had power armor equipped. While he was basically a nigh-impenetrable tank, his visibility was cut down, so the perception stat had a significant penalty–one that made VATS nearly impossible to use[…]

Lead Fallout 3 Designer Emil Pagliarulo went to the Bethesda Games Fallout 3 Forum and had this to say about the issues raised in that statement:

I know there are a lot of questions on this issue, and there’s only so much I can say, but I will say this:

Giving any kind of specifics right now is a bit of an exercise in futility. I could tell you what the stats on the Power Armor are at this very moment, but then you’d get the game in a few months, see that they’re different, and consider me a filthy liar. smile.gif

The truth is, we’re in the stage of development now where systems are getting constantly balanced and rebalanced. So Power Armor will certainly affect your abilities in some capacity, but exactly what it modifies has changed, and will likely change again.

Though I will clarify one thing — nothing flat out prevents you from going into V.A.T.S. Some armors grant different bonuses and penalties, and that can affect your Action Points (and certain weapons certainly require more Action Points than others). But, as it’s the player’s job the manage this stuff, using V.A.T.S. (and using it effectively) is possible regardless of what you’re wearing.


7 thoughts on “V.A.T.S. And Power Armor

  1. Looking at the Power Armor from the Fallout 1 box art (http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Image:Boxart_small.jpg), I guess that peripheral vision could be lower than without the helmet on. However, I’m not sure if that should automatically mean that your perception is lower. For one, I would expect that the little glass thing on the side of the head which looks like a magnifying glass is… well, a magnifying glass. 😛 And this picture seems to suggest that Fallout 3 will have it as well.


    So it would make sense to generally increase your aiming “stat”.
    Also, as someone mentioned, would there be a HUD? I’m not sure how much that flies with the 50s, though. But if it were there, I would expect it to enhance what you do see.
    While we’re at it, I’d expect such an armor to improve your hearing and perhaps the sense of smell.
    If you take those into account, it seems to me that lowering your perception wouldn’t make much sense. Then again, the sense of smell is hardly used in games, and hearing isn’t all that important either. It would be interesting if you could implement those, although I guess you’d have to separate the stats for each sense then.

    As for mobility, does it have to be lower? I’ve always thought of such armors as kind of a boost, not only to strength, but also to speed as well. Though I guess some things would be more difficult to do. Sort of like doing something with gloves on.

    In general, giving armors different bonuses and penalties is certainly interesting in and of itself. Hopefully it gets implemented well.

  2. lol! So wearing power armour isnt just going to affect your stats, but your in game vision (like being drunk in other games…)

    Or are we speaking statistically only here

  3. Lowering (or better setting a maximum to) agility would make sense due to the bulk of the armor itself and the way it would limit the range of motion – but only for those really fancy acrobatic manuevers, IMHO. So no agility 10 in powerarmor would get my ok.
    Perception can be explained due to the window vision of the helmet. Never heard or read anything about huds & powerarmor yet – canonwise that is.
    A perception malus wouldn’t be such a huge issue for me either – PA is a (human) heavy weapons platform. Heavy weapons in general tend to either have spray effect like the minigun or blasteffect like the rocket launcher. Aiming pretty much optional.
    Small weapons kind clash a bit with PA – how do you aim a rifle with the bucket on? It’s not really designed for using sights while holding the rifle properly.
    My 5 cents on the subject.

  4. the trouble is..the FO power armor compensates for agility and bulk through the gear/syhtectic muscle system so its no worse than wearing heavy armor..i think they are forgetting the fiction they are getting into…..

    As for prescription,sure from the cuff no aim fire I can see being effected but with the hud and or scope and or tremor systems…. they really need to have more than one type of power armor high def/strength low to mid def/agility low to mid def/prescription…altho I suppose prescription is a helmet thing.

    BTW injecting reality into things were it dose not belong is my bane, I really hate when they try and water down fiction or game paly with simply unfun and moronic realism, the PA is the best armor you can get end of story no need to nref it…. go with 2 PA types the standard slow kind and the elite that has minmail penalties.

  5. late night posting FTW!, I do realize you need to balance things but really hate realistic realism, nothing kills good fiction like heavy somber crappy balances set to realism…

    its a shame you can’t start out as a ghoul….zippy’s brain is leaky and playing a ghoul would be cool.

    Perhaps in the next game they will offer 2 or 3 stating points, vault,city/village,putpost which can cover guard,framer,citizen,ghoul and bandit difrent reps and starting equipment, slightly differnting stats both positive and negitive,it would help with the replayablity at the lest.

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