The Temple

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This is the end for my friend Señor Deluxe Glowing Grounds collection of post apoc art, with the last work called The Temple:

Maybe you´re somewhat disappointed because this one admittedly goes somewhat astray in terms of Falloutyness. It´s more a homage to Miller´s Canticle For Leibovitz, well to Stewart´s Earth Abides as well. Still you might see a mixture of Fallout´s tribal theme and the Children of the Cathedral, I guess… Whatever you think, I´m sad I don´t have more art to share with you. As I said I have plans to update my site with new images, I just do not know when I´ll find the time. Might take a while.

For now, thanks for all the friendly feedback, that was overwhelming.

Great work Señor Deluxe, you can see all works here and discuss them here.


5 thoughts on “The Temple

  1. This one’s my favorite so far.
    Absolutely love the design of the vault/bunker entrance there.
    The skin flags (dunno what to call them else) remind me of the opening cinematic from the Diablo II expansion.
    Great attention to details in your work.

  2. thats awesome….. really cant wait to see the finished game….

    hey would it be possible for me to get a back link? I’ve been reading a while and well… i could use any links i could get on my new stte, its a general off topic forum and im trying to get up there in the ol keyword search ranking… and you are a PR 5 site…. anyway didnt think it would hurt to ask.

    “The Off Topic” –

    I added a link to you in the fallout thread on there…

  3. whats really awesome about that pic is that its still recognizable from the prior games. the door still has that ‘gear’ look….

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