Fallout 3 Appreciation Festival

From Production Director at Bethsoft Ashley Cheng’s blog:

I like the 1UP Yours podcast, and was surprised to hear them talking about Fallout 3 in the latest. They have Geoff Keighly (from the awesome Gametrailers TV) and N’Gai Croal from Newsweek as guests. It sounds like they all got to see Pete during the press tour – good stuff. Great podcast, highly recommended.

I’ll listen to it now, will report more later.

Update: If you are a regular gamer then it’s an interesting discussion (from minute 15 to 32) on the demo they all saw of Fallout 3, with their take on the ups and downs, of things they liked and things they think could be improved or changed. They don’t like the game being called Fallout 3, since it might cut on the sales because of people that never heard of the other games not wanting to pick up the third in a series.

For someone that played Fallout 1 or 2 recently, or is a hardcore Fallout fan, the podcast is a bit funny at times. They aren’t very knowledgeable regarding the series, that’s for sure.

There are also some notes taken from this podcast at NMA, courtesy of Per.


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