Fallout 3: Now With 500 Plus Endings

New Fallout 3 Preview at Destructoid:

In proper following of the previous Fallout games, your character will eventually come across the ultimate bad ass doggy companion, Dogmeat. His owner destroyed by some means of carnage or another, you approach a wandering Dogmeat in an elaborate junkyard and engage in conversation to eventually convince him to tag along. Naturally his responses are limited to friendly woofs and barks, but with enough persuasion Dogmeat determines to aid you in your journey in search of your father across the post-apocolyptic landscape. This companionship proves to be highly beneficial as you can request Dogmeat to search the surrounding area for helpful items such as weapons, food, and drugs. The diligent dog that he is, Dogmeat will search your surrounding area for up to an hour to scour every inch of land for items you could use. However, mistreatment of Dogmeat and assigning him to dangerous tasks could result in the loss of a faithful friend forever, so it’s wise to be pre-cautious when sending him off to dutifully fulfill your requests.[…]

What’s waiting to be demonstrated now is the procedure through the various in-game quests that eventually determine the nature of your character’s morality. According to Pete, the writing for the game is a combined effort between game designers, engineers, and producers – selective game development teams build individual quests and eventually take their finished work back to the rest of the team for review. Will this approach generate a cohesive yet diverse set of side-quests for the player to explore? Furthermore the main quest can be completed in a mere 20-25 hours, and amidst discussing the hussle and bussle regarding the proposed 200 endings Pete revealed that they were up to 500-something endings now. It’s important to note that these ‘endings’ could easily be something as minimal as a variation in the narrative depending on what you managed to accomplish, but the question still remains as to how (or why) one would possibly experience all of the endings.

As it is, Bethesda has given us something crunchy enough to chew on until the next teaser. As for me, I believe the ultimate success of Fallout 3 solely depends on the complexity and variety of experiences derived from the individual quests. I hope for and look forward to participating in the reverred moral ambiguity and rich dialogue that was so preciously celebrated in the past Fallout games, but has yet to be revealed to the public. When asked whether the moral choices in Fallout 3 were presented as black and white options, such as is the case in BioShock, Pete replied that there were a lot of gray areas in this game. With hope, these gray areas are what will truly define Fallout 3 and aptly set it within the ranks of its predecessors.

Interesting read, although they seem to confuse Feral Ghouls with regular Ghouls, and no new pictures are shown.


5 thoughts on “Fallout 3: Now With 500 Plus Endings

  1. Yeah, I saw that too. I did a little number crunching, which left me disappointed… I hope that I’m wrong about the number of major events in the game.

    Check it out, back at the blog.

  2. ill prolly see 1, maybe 2 of them then check the rest out on Youtube… unless the games as good as i hope….then I might see 4-5.

    But theres no way I play it through 500 times.

    I hope its not as simple as there being some sort of survey in the beginning in which you choose your ending. . . .or having something like that on the backend

    Im sure it has to have to do with your rep and who you spoke to in the game too.

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