Bob’s Iguana Bits Market Stand Kit

From NMA:

Hello there, Fallout Fan. Why so glum chum? What? You haven’t gotten any Fallout swag?
Well, fret no more friend. You can make some yourself with the new Bob’s Iguana Bits Market Stand kit. It’s EASY and FUN! Best of all, it’s FREE! Yes, that’s right. So download yours today and enjoy the pride and prestige of owning your very own unofficial swag, suitable for office, den, trophy case, fallout shelter, Fallout shrine, etc.
Get yours today!

Available at an NMA download site near you.

Really good work Octotron, you can also get a Papercraft VaultBoy in the last issue of PCGamer US, but it’s not that good.


One thought on “Bob’s Iguana Bits Market Stand Kit

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