Getting Back, Misc. Edition

Jeff Green

After these images were posted 117.308 people visited this blog. Wow.

Games For Windows is no more. All the best for Jeff Green and the crew in their new endeavor and all the luck for the artists that were laid off.

Word in the street is that the embargo on pics and info about Fallout 3 is almost over, a lot of stuff will show up online soon.

Interplay teases about their new site coming really soon. Ok then.

Both my computers were infected, I lost gigs of data. Some things I’ve been able to recover, others seem to be lost forever. My e-mail contacts seem to be in this last category, so if you know me send a mail so I can create a new list, please.


4 thoughts on “Getting Back, Misc. Edition

  1. Hurray! Another silly pic from Jeff Green!

    Or wait, didn’t we do the Wii one already?

    Regardless, I too am glad he ended up on his feet. But while I’m a traditionalist by nature, it’s about time the magazines start folding. They honestly have no place in media coverage of games other than being an attractive target for exclusives

  2. Sub-s, Sub-s, And Sub-s

    Print copy drying up, electronic bandwidths taking up the
    head lines.
    Changes in communication media, and the value for money
    each provides,
    the consumer voting with their eye balls.

    Still sub to three mags.
    Mac Life – out of habit, no CD now, but some online perk,
    when – if – get ATT DSL —
    (amazing, DECADE plus with ATT and the best deals go
    to servicing virgins – that’s marketing!).

    Maximum PC – Has a pro consumer edge. Still has a CD.

    Heavy Metal – Yah the graphic novel
    can be the moral equivalent of porn.
    Does it’s job like the rest of the rags, entertains and informs.
    Hot new artists exposing their talents ( – that’s marketing!).

    What I won’t miss is the aggressive resub industrial complex.
    Some huge sub- sub contractor in Colorado, at the state penn?
    Will start dunning 6 or more months before end issue.
    My favorite one, for shear in your face con man bravado,
    claimed I had ordered a 2 year sub and only paid for one.
    They were going to burn me a new credit rating.
    Timely threat.
    Was saving for that traditional 20% down mortgage.
    Pre sub-prime ponzi pyramid era ( – that’s marketing!).
    Nasty tasting.
    BUT had already resub-ed! SO, I canceled a few months later,
    maybe that’s when I stopped reading Jeff Green by lamp light.
    (Later, found my way to his blog once or thrice.)
    Certainly was the time to cut back on the pulp fiction
    called game magazines. Glossy pages are heavy to haul.

    One thing that will remain is the smoke and mirrors
    of marketing through journal formats.
    Exclusives, conditional cooperation, arm twisting,
    black listing, all means justified by the ends, so they say.
    This old tune came to mind. About sub-s …
    use it for your nex’ live pod cast Briosa’!


    The Who, lyrics: ”Substitute”

    You think we look pretty good together
    You think my shoes are made of leather

    But I’m a substitute for another guy
    I look pretty tall but my heels are high
    The simple things you see are all complicated
    I look pretty young, but I’m just back-dated, yeah

    Substitute your lies for fact
    I can see right through your plastic mac
    I look all white, but my dad was black
    My fine looking suit is really made out of sack

    I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth
    The north side of my town faced east, and the east was facing south
    And now you dare to look me in the eye
    Those crocodile tears are what you cry
    It’s a genuine problem, you won’t try
    To work it out at all you just pass it by, pass it by

    Substitute me for him
    Substitute my coke for gin
    Substitute you for my mum
    At least I’ll get my washing done


    That’s show biz – that’s marketing!
    That’s all FFFFF-Folks!


  3. Heavy Metal – Yah the graphic novel

    Ah, Metal Hurlant as I know it, great memories.

    Changes in communication media, and the value for money
    each provides,
    the consumer voting with their eye balls.

    Well the fact that in one day I this blog got 5 time more readers than the entire printed edition of 360 if it’s sold out in a month tells me the powers aren’t listening to the “eye voting” 🙂

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