From XakBoundary:

Recorded late 2007 and released April 1st 2008, this is a Post Apocalyptic fan film inspired heavily by the Fallout video game series and Mad Max.

It was recorded for the Shootout film festival late 2007 and as such had to be started and finished all within a 24 hour time frame which we did. The entire film was recorded in an 8 hour timeframe of one afternoon and no in camera editing was permitted, so scenes had to be shot in chronological order.[…]

As a homage to the Mad Max series we recorded this film on the same stretch of highway surrounding the rural areas of Anakie (AUSTRALIA) shown in the original MAD MAX film.

I am an amateur film maker and this is my second feature recorded on a meagre budget of $600 including $250 to register our crew in the comp.

We are currently working on developing similar films and building a troupe, contact me if you’d like to be involved and think you can contribute.

Very nice work.


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