Sunday Shelter


First I would like to thank Morbus, from and No Mutants Allowed, for the new header on the blog, it’s really spiffy. Thanks Morbus.

Second I would like to show you the Fallout Shelter Radio Ads at Dinosaur Gardens:

Radioactive fallout, that deadly by-product of a nuclear attack, will kill literally millions of unprotected families in the event of an atomic attack. Is YOUR family protected? Do YOU have a fallout shelter?

Each Civil defense approved, basement-type, Do-It-Yourself fallout shelter includes: A complete fully-stocked first aid kit! Extra strength saran and rayon bunks! A radiation meter and individual dosimeters!

Civil defense approved, FHA approved, no money down, five years to pay!

Economical… but Priceless!

Very cool!

Finally the confusion around Fallout 3’s endings continues, as you can see in this comic strip at Crispy Gamer. Click on the pic to watch it in full:


Thanks to requiem_for_a_starfury.


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