PcGamer Podcast 126


PCGamer Podcast is out, with a discussion around Fallout 3:

On this edition of the podcast its news news and more news. Load up on Stimpacks and stay off the Jet because Fallout 3 will have how many endings and how long of gameplay? WOW 2.4 patch thoughts by ex intern WOW expert Andy Salisbury. Illinois dips into social funding to pay for failed video game law and many other topics including the second edition of Master PC Theatre. Who will get the e-props? It could be you if you listen to the PC Gamer Podcast Episode #126.


2 thoughts on “PcGamer Podcast 126

  1. Podcasts

    These rambling presentations can be more like the entertainment
    procured by shock jocks and their posses.
    Mostly filler.
    On par with the comic asides between the local weather guy and the forever valiant
    news reader as another commercial break looms.

    Even if one has broad band, does one have the time?
    That’s why I entrust my ‘delta-t’ to scanning ‘the news’ distilled by this blog,
    and the lead pages of fan sites, my preferences include NMA and RPG Codex.
    Certain that others have unique and favorite information sources,
    how many dolt on these amateur theatricals called podcasts?


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