Inside The Vault: JG93


Jeff Gardiner is in there somewhere

From the BethBlog:

This week’s Inside the Vault is with producer, Jeff Gardiner. If you are a fan of Oblivion’s downloadable content, Jeff is one of the folks you can thank. Besides being the producer for our designers and level designers, Jeff is instrumental in a lot of game system tweaking and prototyping. On Thursday nights (game night here at the studio), you can find Jeff getting his table top war gaming on.

What’s your job at Bethesda?
I’m a Producer. AKA, I’m the ‘cattle prod,’ the ‘snake-oil salesman,’ or ‘smiley-glad-hand.’ On Fallout 3, I’m in charge of keeping the designers busy. I also have a heavy background in design from previous projects, so I coordinate and help design various game systems; combat and VATS in particular, among other things. It’s a great job. Being able to shoot at things in a videogame all day, and then getting paid, isn’t something I take for granted.[…]

What is the best part about working as a producer? The worst part?
The best part is I get to set and achieve my own personal goals. I get the privilege of being able to help, in any way I can, on Fallout 3, and other great games. Day to day my job responsibilities change, so I’m never bored. Today I got to play with various types of weapons and make small tweaks to damage, gun spread, field of view, etc. A month ago I was helping oversee the production of some of our most important main quest events (sorry, no spoilers.) Tomorrow I’ll probably be shuffling around a schedule trying to get this game finished someday. I’m lucky I get to work with the designers, as that where my true love lies! There really is very little downside. Sometimes I’d rather not spend so much time using MS Project, but that’s about it. Game development is very much a dream job if you find the right company.


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