Vault 12: The End


In September 27 2007 Xulm went to NMA and posted this:

After all that time I can finally start publishing my comic – I even fit in the Fallout’s 10th anniversary time – let it begin!
The Vault 12 comic will be updated every friday, since today.

It all starts with the page number 1 – the prologue, the introduction or whatever You want it to call.

Comic’s website:

Bon appetit!

The community helped with proofreading and all sorts of advices, and the series was a lot of fun to read. His characteristic visual style is really a treat, but all things have to come to an end. So check Vault 12’s site and have some fun, now that the series over.

Good work Xulm and all of his helpers, can’t wait to read more work coming from you.

Oh and if you are Polish head to the Motyw Drogi blog where you’ll find an interview with Xulm (thanks konradh)


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