Bethsoft Vs Croteam: Updated


Gangsta Oblivion YTMND

From the BethBlog:

The Escapist has us ranked #3 in the West Bracket as part of their March Mayhem Developer’s Showdown. Our first round opponent is #14 Croteam, the developer of the Serious Sam series. Vote for us!

Update: Need to register on the Escapist’s forums to vote.

I know who Gimli is going to vote for.

Update: Bethesda won and is going to meet Timegate now.


One thought on “Bethsoft Vs Croteam: Updated

  1. >:D

    Unfortunately, it seems the voting is closed, even though it’s still March 21st. I was going to news post it on Seriously! and get folks to vote for Croteam. Oh well. 😛

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