Standardization In The Console RPGs World


In the GameInformer April issue we’ve talked before there is a ten pages piece about Obsidian’s Alpha Protocol, with several references to Fallout, like this one by Fergus Urquhart:

The RPG genre is changing, you can’t go off and make Fallout again. But I think, with Mass Effect, Fallout 3, Oblivion, and a lot of the other RPGs that are coming out, you’re starting to see a movement in the RPG genre.

I’ll guess it’s a movement in standardization, since they all look a like, with gunplay real time combat with a pause, third/first person view and the dialog system of ten years old adventure game Blade Runner. Maybe Fallout 3 will have a more elaborate dialog system, that could be nice, we’ll see, but for the rest they are all becoming the archetypal simplified console western RPG , with guns and more reliant in player reflexes and not character skills and attributes. But maybe Obsidian is really trying to do something different, let’s see what Chris Parker has to say:

We knew we wanted to do something different. Something that didn’t involve a d20 system, and with more action. Something faster paced, more compelling, and that did a better job blending player skills with character skill.

I rest my case.


3 thoughts on “Standardization In The Console RPGs World

  1. Captain Hook

    “” … more compelling … “”

    Implies *more* manipulation.

    Implicates more … hooks.

    Imbibed self absorption with the furry comfort of the
    fashion of the moment.

    No doubt the usual suspects will include tits and ass, and
    the additional intoxication of shoot and scoot.

    The hive mind of ‘smart money’ can bet the whole bundle
    on fashionable hooks,
    receptive hooks, eventually boring hooks.
    Yes, it’s their money invested in the noose,
    and my option not to pay to play.
    My option to witness more ‘strange fruit’ dancing on the swing.

    “” … more compelling … “” by luck, accident, and less likely design,

    some day — different —

    one day — better –hooks.


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