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Altered image from Andir at the Obsidian Forum

Let’s go through some miscellaneous stuff I got on the weekend, starting with the announcement of a new Obsidian game on Game Informer:

If you love RPGs but are tired of swinging swords or slogging around in spacesuits, you’re in luck. Obsidian Entertainment is drawing on its Fallout and Planescape: Torment roots with its new espionage-based game Alpha Protocol. Drawing on the three J.B.s for inspiration—Jack Bauer, Jason Bourne and James Bond—the developers are giving players plenty of different ways to tackle problems. You can rely on brute force, stealth or gadgets to accomplish missions, and also navigate through a nuanced conversation system.

Sounds nice, all the best wishes to them



Curious comparison at Destructoid from FarCry2 designer Peter Redding:

Apparently, the game will not be “better” on PC than on consoles, as Redding promises the games will be pretty much equal across the board. He also promised a near seamless experience, unlike Oblivion, which Redding said has a several times smaller game world than Far Cry 2‘s.

Time for Bethsoft to update their engine?



Rocket Ship Empires 1936 is a cool retro-futuristic RPG with a few books out already. Do check it if you’re into non-digital entertainment. Image from Story Art.


And finally RobOverall released two new fan made movies, with highlights from the discussions at the Bethesda Games Fallout 3 forum. I’ll leave you now with the pieces, thanks RobOverall.

Where Would you Aim?

Any Issues?


4 thoughts on “Misc. Stuff For The Day

  1. Rocket Ship Empires 1936

    Thanks for the link to another visually fascinating Sci Fi alternate universe.

    Retro styling using 20’s-30’s —- into the 60’s aircraft always a sentimental favorite.
    Loved trying to trace line drawings of P-40’s and exotic Italian equivalents for glider models.
    How each curve translated to which point on the side views,
    one of my early spacial recognition experiences.
    Like folding puzzle boxes. See the 3-D in 2-D.


  2. Yeah, the images that the game has or induces on the player are sweet indeed. I think I already talked about this game, but couldn’t find any reference, so here it is.

    For a great gallery with retro futuristic stuff try this one.

    And I hope the “Playstation nephew” returns soon, all the best to him 4Too

  3. Mature Content 😉

    Art in link looks familiar, with new entries.

    Immediate favorite, “Ladies World … “, slogan on the poster: ‘
    Don’t make me come down there’.

    Angry Mom’s Gone Wild!

    Primal fear for any kid @ any age.


  4. “Playstation Nephew”

    Thanks Briosa’.

    Best trick in kid sitting was finding software that appealed to the individuals …
    ‘under observation’.
    Might mean showing up with PS2 and *forgetting* it
    until game fun was exhausted,
    or upgrading a work horse PC or Mac to negotiate ‘Myst’ or
    the deluxe version of ‘Manhole’.
    Would screen grab jpg’s from games and load ’em into ‘Kid Pix’.

    Got to nap, like an old dog, one eye half opened, awaiting developments,
    game soundtrack like a dream movie in the background.

    That was then, and this is now, thanks again Briosa’.


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