So Much More Than That


Just saw on RPGWatch that has posted an editorial column by Joe Martin on the perils of fanboyism that mentions the Bethesda Games Fallout 3 forum:

This portrayal is mostly true of console fanboys and, as I mentioned before, I’ve run into a few of them since I started here at bit-tech. It isn’t just the console fans who are guilty though. Hardcore games fans may also end up damaging the games they love, even if only to themselves. The Fallout 3 forums are already bristling with rivalry and uberfans who, in their attempts to guide and shape the expectations of others, end up pushing their own hopes so high that they cannot help but be dashed.

Fallout fans always try to reach for the sky and try to land on their feet, it’s our nature.

Speaking of fans MMORPG and gaming blog Random Battle has a list of the top 10 games of the author life:

2. Fallout 1&2 (PC) – Fallout and its first sequel were eye opening experiences for me. I had no idea that games existed with this much freedom and complexity. I remember the friend who introduced me to the game describing it as “a PC game where you can do anything, kill anyone, take drugs, and have sex.” While that sounded pretty interesting to my 14 year-old self, what I found was so much more than that. The cheery 50’s style set in the dreary post-apocalyptic world was fantastic, the moral complexity of the game was amazing, the story was deep, and the world seemed enormous. The random encounters were meaningful and memorable, and the best part was that you could just go play the game without worrying about the story. Fallout, of all the games I’ve played, is the game which has come closest to the experience of a pen and paper gaming session, and I love it for that.

And kudos for that Cameron.


10 thoughts on “So Much More Than That

  1. Wait, I thought the preconception about us was that we hate everything, not that we push our own expectations up…

    Jeesh, if people are going to ring out preconceptions of Fallout fans, they should at least be accurate.

    Most “hopeful” threads on the Bethesda forums turn into troll-fests within a few posts. A result of their great moderating. Heh.

  2. Thanks for the plug. 🙂

    I’m at the point where I’m not really expecting anything from Fallout 3. I was so disappointed by Oblivion that I’d rather not get my hopes up.

    Instead I’m just going to buy it, play it at face value, and hopefully be pleasantly surprised if Bethesda returns to their role-playing roots a bit.

  3. Games are serious business. That’s why I hang out at SA, where we can at least acknowledge that yes, we are all a little crazy. 😉

    ..And as for my expectations as someone who’s attempting to herd cats with a fanboy thread, I honestly am going to buy the game regardless, simply because of the fact that, if noone buys Fallout 3, there will likely never be a chance for a Fallout 4. I see it as an investment with a high chance of being pretty damned fun, regardless.

  4. You joking, Coyote?

    SA takes itself way, way too seriously.

    I can remember you big dick behaviour when we quoted a developer from SA. You were acting like you were the center of the internet and you’d teach us a lesson boy-how-dee. Man, talk about self-centered.

    NMA still doesn’t care about SA. But boy, do you guys care about us 😛

  5. SA has over 100,000 members, and the opinions of the few do not represent the whole, and that includes YOUR opinions as well. I joined SA because I liked the fact that they specifically work to stamp out content-free posting in most threads, and because no matter what subject I want to talk about, ask about, or rant about, there will be someone else who wants to do the same. It’s the core purpose of a social network, in my opinon..

    I don’t know what little scuffle you got into or who you got into it with, I personally think your writing is solid, and I have nothing against NMA, I just avoid it since I see plenty of crazy fanboys on SA, and on the Bethsoft forums..

    I am just trying to accumulate facts and generate anticipation for a game that I want to play, and I don’t know or care what your personal problem is, because I don’t know you, and until recently I’d never heard of you.

  6. Oh dude that war was crazy, you don’t want to know about it 🙂

    That reminds me of Hayt, I wonder what has he been doing lately?

    For coyo7e, Hayt is one of the designers on Fallout 3, and longtime member of the SA. A very intelligent and polite person, although he’s clearly a member of the International Conspiracy of Elves to Take Over the World(tm)

  7. I wish I could believe that, Coyote, but I whenever I check a referrer for NMA (it’s the only time I go to SA), I see a forum where dissenting voices are written off as “NMA trolls”, and the biggest nonsense about our site is thrown to and fro.

    It’s not like NMA has that many dissenting voices, but we have a number of people on our forum who manage to disagree with us without trolling. I consider NMA a pretty close-knit, single-minded place, but it’s nothing, and I mean nothing, compared to the hivemind attitude SA appears to have towards Fallout 3 and NMA.

    Prove me wrong, if you wish. I love being wrong on these kind of things.

    And I didn’t get into a little scuffle with “someone”, all of SA declared war on NMA, banning anyone affiliated with the site from the forums, DOSsing NMA and trying to hack staff computers.

    Looking back, that period is exactly the reason I’ve never been worried about SA’s opinion.

    I wish you’d take yourself less seriously, though.

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