The Cannibal


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New art piece at Glowing Grounds, the 3D portfolio place of my friend Señor Deluxe. Awesome post-apoc art, as always.


8 thoughts on “The Cannibal

  1. Awesome! The glasses and the tie are a nice touch. Also, it’s one of the only characters I’ve seen whose eyes do not immediately look fake to me. I wonder if the hair is intentionally so… rare and thick.

  2. Looks good, but I can’t help feeling that the nose/upper lip portion do not quite fit. Both seem to big to me. Especially the space between lips and nose seems big.
    I like the hair.
    The skin – is the skin itself flaking or is he having like a big crust of mud caked all over his skin? On the (creased) forehead and the shoulder/chest portion it looks more like mud, on the lips clearly more like a skin condition.

    Anyway – any particular reason why it’s named the cannibal?

    P.S. Is the picture scanned mirrored? Cos of the writing on the bottom of the ruin in the left corner…

  3. Thanks for your nice comments!

    I wanted the hair to look somewhat clumpy and dirty, that´s why I made them kind of thick streaks. As for the skin, this is one thing I´m not really satisfied with (stopped working on that a while ago), but just couldn´t push myself to rework that once more. It certainly could use some more subtle hues and subsurface scattering as well as more detailed textures with more variation (especially with regard to bump/displacement) on different parts of the body. Skin shading is a science of its own…

    It´s called “The cannibal” because that was the name of a picture submitted to a postapocalyptic art contest on the internet years ago, unfortunately I don´t recall the name of the artist. That painting was one of the most spooky images I´ve seen, although you could hardly recognize anything but a hunched figure in a ruined environment. In fact my whole pic is some sort of tribute to that painting.

    The picture however is not mirrored, the writing is an advertising with letters mounted on a rack facing the street behind the building, so what you actually see is the back of the structure. “Hungry? Eat Kreegles!” is a reference to one of the early moderators on DAC, that I recall as an especially nice fellow.

  4. Oh he did? Didn´t know he was still around. Just checked the forums on DAC to find his last post, but they´re all years old. Last one dating from November 1st 2004. Did he post with his original nick?

    Got quite sentimental digging up names like Flamescreen and OonThe Bounce…

    Next week´s image SHELTER SUPPLIES is my favorite, I think.

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