GameDev Likes BethSoft



From Game Developer Research:

Game Developer Research is pleased to announce the debut of its fifth report, ‘Top 50 Developers 2008,’ an exhaustive survey of the game industry’s major developers worldwide. This is a detailed supplement to this month’s Top 50 Developers countdown in Game Developer magazine, and includes a full ranking of the top 50 developers in the areas of sales figures, releases, and average review scores, along with the full set of results from our survey of over 700 anonymous Game Developer- and industry professionals. Numerical score results for each developer’s reputation are included, alongside scores given by professionals on the basis of their direct experience with each developer, covering areas such as pay and perks, professionalism and competence. Also included are all of the written comments supplied by survey respondents in both categories.

Bethesda Softworks shows up on the 26th place. Congrats to them.

Spotted on the Bethblog.


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