Look What The Cat Brought In


Right after I got this picture from a friend I also got the mag, I’m leaving for a few hours and will inspect it thoroughly.

In the meantime you can read more about the article and the pictures on the Bethesda Games Fallout 3 Forum, No Mutants Allowed, Falloutnow! (in German) and Nukacola (in French).


5 thoughts on “Look What The Cat Brought In

  1. Shots looked pretty decent aside the behemoth, I can’t really get over how silly it looks. It looks fantasy-like silly to me.

  2. Got it today too. I agree, that behenoth is just stupid. As does the whole “intro” thing. I mean they make HUGE deal about this intro and the graphics, what about the game? The story, dialogue, moral choices et all… go onto that “in depth”! Oh but great— we can press a button and “cry” or say “dada”, I do not think that is a selling point… Other pics did look good though. But I got depressed reading the article, maybe it was the writer but I think it sounds pretty over the top. We can see mass gore and blood (makes you think its an adult game) but not much sex, moral dilemmas, child-killing, or anything else for anyone over the age of 12. Not only does it feel marketed to the console crowd but it also feels like they are going for kids. One of the things I loved about Fallout was its adult theme. This sounds like it is gone.

  3. The last three screenshots are nice, especially the last one, whoever did that really nailed it.
    As far as Jericho goes, I hope he’s not an important character, he still looks a bit bland.

  4. They are aiming for an M-rating for the game, so I doubt their target audience is kids.

    About the crying and dada calling – I said this on the Beth forum already – I might just be that this is a first step to identify with the character. Imagine the following: you really bash that cry button thw whole time as baby and later on in the game other vaultdwellers constantly refer to you as crybaby.
    Just try to think of the possibilities that might be out there…

    Re; Behemoth – looks way to shiny to me. In fact he looks like he’s made from some green ooze and didn’t enjoy it. Which – if you think about it – seem’s to fit the whole dunking idea.
    I still don’t like it, though… 😛

    I think the dog looks really well-done. In still shots. Remains to be seen how he fares in actual movement. If I remember the horses from Oblivion I’m getting cautious.

    The faces of the people on the other hand REALLY look good. This is miles away from Oblivion.
    The armor (other the PA) really fit the world, too.

    And lastly – the feral ghoul. Dunno what to say. He looks a bit like ghouls imported to full 3D – but still… something seems off.

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