Another Fallout 3 Bethsoft DevWatch


Another day another Bethsoft Devwatch:

myn: 3rd person perspective was terrible in Oblivion.

Matt “Gstaff” Grandstaff: Well, the 3rd person perspective is something that’s getting more attention with Fallout 3.

LolWoot: [About OXM article]If I wanted to compare Fallout I’d compare it to Arcanum, Jagged Alliance, etc.

Jay “RadHamster” Woodward: Imagine that you’re talking to people who haven’t played those games. ooo.gif

Lorgara: Either they are disingenuous to people who don’t understand RPGs, or they are being disingenuous to Fallout fans. Which is it?

Jay “RadHamster” Woodward: Let’s go with an analogy:

When someone asks you where you grew up, do you name the town? The closest big city?
The answer should be familiar to anyone who’s ever answered this question: you tell them as much as you can expect will be meaningful to them.
If they grew up on the other side of the planet, you might just stick to naming the country.
Conversely, if they grew up in the same town as you, you might go so far as to give them a street name, or the name of an apartment building or nearby local landmark.
Communication is about finding contextual overlap.

saxbass2: They still seemed reluctant to use the phrase [Oblivion with Guns] even with X-Box owners who’s experience with RPGs are Oblivion and Mass Effect.

Matt “Gstaff” Grandstaff: I understand why some folks are up in arms about the quote, or saying “See! Told ya,” but I think saxbass and Rad Hampster have some good points…it’s all about the context of how it was said.

pdodger: When releasing dialogue screens they should release better dialogue answer screens than “yes” or “no” answers on them. We have yet to see how good the dialogue will be, so the more, the better.

Matt “Gstaff” Grandstaff: It’s just one example. As Todd’s said before, the answers will be as long as they need to be. From playing through some bits last week, I’ve seen there are answers that vary in length. While not exactly dialogue, having taken my very own G.O.A.T exam, I know that answers you can choose can be quite lengthy.

Also, Todd let me know we’ll eventually be releasing full shots of dialogue, but screens full of text make for bad magazine shots. smile.gif

Emil Pagliarulo: I’m happy to be a creative person, in a creative medium, who gets to work with loads of other creative people.

Matt “Gstaff” Grandstaff: A very good point, and there’s a great sense of teamwork here.

It’s actually the same thing with the film industry too. For every Spielberg and Scorsese out there, there’s always a team behind them. From what I’ve heard, these guys often use the same team (cinematographers, makeup artists, etc) from film to film.

Gizmo: I was concerned from day 1 that fights in an FPP game would be optimized for FPP; [Most FPP games I’ve played don’t put many more than four enemies on the screen at any one time]. Is this going to be an issue for future Fallouts?

Steve “MrSmileyFaceDude” Meister: Considering that wasn’t done for Oblivion or Morrowind, why would it be done for Fallout 3?


10 thoughts on “Another Fallout 3 Bethsoft DevWatch

  1. Maybe he’s more active in the non-Fallout parts of the forum/community.
    Dunno what goes on behind closed doors but compared to other companies and their policies/activities with the community I tend to share your view droveri.

  2. He usually only repeats something that has been said to him, by someone else. I don’t know how big part he plays in the development, meaning interaction from fans to devs.

  3. Well I can’t complain about Gstaff. He was completely lost for a few months, but he got his act together and now he’s a good liaison to Bethesda, sends early notices of things that this place covers, and is quite open to talk.

    His power is quite limited though, this is a consequence of Bethsoft having a traditional communication and marketing strategy in a web 2.0, word of mouth and user oriented world, things don’t go as smooth as before for them.

    So it’s really not his fault, and this strategy could very well work this time, empowering the traditional media and mainstream bloggers is a good way of getting their sympathy, therefore good previews and reviews.

    I kind of doubt that it will work for the next projects but who knows.

  4. You mean the communication from the dev’s we constantly have to ask them for?
    Apart from those ‘Meet the dev’s’ threads it’s really a rare occasion that we hear any comment. Guess this is one of the reasons why Emils current willingness to respond to forum-questions has resulted in this much feedback.

  5. Yeah, that pretty much sums it. This level of communication has been absent since July last year or so.
    Only Gstaff gets some new info on the forum from time to time, for the rest this much talk from the devs isn’t something we’re used to at all.

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