Gygax Legacy


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Chris “anarchy” Taylor, the Lead designer on Fallout 1 and Senior Designer on Fallout: Tactics went to NMA and shared his thoughts on the passing of Gary Gygax:

Chris Taylor: Without Gary Gygax, TSR and D&D, it would have been highly unlikely our favorite game would have been made. At least half the team were involved in some sort of RPG campaign at work. But going even farther back, without D&D, there is no Bard’s Tale. Without Bard’s Tale, no Wasteland.

The only reason I was hired at Interplay was because of a D&D game.

RIP, Mr. Gygax, RIP.

Bethsoft also has a collection of thoughts by the devs on the influence of Gigax, here’s one example:

Erik J. Caponi, Dwarven Game Designer: Gary Gygax was a pioneer and one of the fathers of the art of interactive storytelling. Let us all observe 1d6 moments of silence in his honor.


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