Ground Zero


Let me present to you Ground Zero, an RPG/tactical combat mod made with the Doom 3 engine:

The player will traverse cross-country (via 2D map) between a number of urban centers, divided between three rival factions. He is not alone however, as each city generates raiding parties that seek out and destroy rival armies and lay siege to enemy cities. Established cities grow in population over time, becoming more powerful, and NPCs in every party will be persistent and gain experience in a simple form. For now, factions will always remain neutral toward the player character, but the user can choose to have his/her character intervene in ongoing battles on behalf of either side. The game will “end” when one faction dominates the wasteland.

A curious characteristic of this mod is the use of a turn based system of combat:

We love both TB and RT combat, we just feel that they emphasize different aspects of the game and have decided to go with the former. We can expose a lot more intricacies this way, and keep things much deadlier, without it becoming an eye-mouse coordination test. (Jagged Alliance and X-Com are huge influences on our approach). We’d like to think that taking turns for each action will close some loopholes common to traditional TB games, and keep the pacing a little bit faster.

If it can be done with the Doom 3 tools maybe one day it could be done with the Fallout 3 tools, who knows.

Great job Ground Zero team.


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