Fallout 3 Release Date Speculation


The speculation about the release of Fallout 3 continues to spark many discussions, a few days ago Killzig posted his take right here on this blog:

xbox.com still lists the release date as September 08. Amazon says Sept 28th. EBGames says shipping on 9/9.

they better get the hype train rolling at E3.

We can add Next Gen to those dates:

Fallout 3
PC, Xbox360, PS3
US: Sep 09, 2008
The latest sequel to the post-apocalyptic RPG series will star Liam Neeson in a voice-acting role.

This date matches the one sent to retailers by Sony, that was shown by coyo7e on the Something Awfull forum. Click on the picture above to check the full list.

I am betting that the game does indeed gets released until the end of the year, as Emil Pagliarulo said a few days ago, but the exact date is still too soon to tell in my view.


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