Next Gen Interview with Emil


There’s a new interview with Fallout 3 Lead Designer Emil Pagliarulo on Next Generation, a few highlights:

Literature and real world observation:

I love a character in Beowulf that might strike a spark in me, but it’s also characters I may have met in my life at one point who are interesting characters in and of themselves […] You know the whole adage that ‘life is stranger than fiction.’ I think that’s very true, and if you live an interesting life and you’ve encountered interesting people all the time, the inspiration is easy, it just sort of comes to you.

Life itself is pretty fascinating if you look at it. There’s a lot of inspiration to be drawn out there. I think that people sometimes make a mistake when they limit their inspiration.

It’s easy to say, Oh my god, I loved Star Wars and I want to be the next George Lucas,’ and copy what George Lucas did. Why not look at George Lucas’ inspiration? Look at the things that inspired him; look at the Kurosawa films that inspired him and what inspired Kurosawa. There’s a chain there and the farther back you go, generally the better the source I think.

Hardcore fans and release date:

…That’s always the toughest question[…] You listen to the fans and respect their ideas, but once you start designing a game that they want to make specifically, then you can get yourself into trouble. One of the things that I love about Bethesda, and that we all love about working here, is we’re all pretty hardcore gamers and we know what we want, we know what’s fun, we know what we like and so we design for each other. We’re our own best audience.

So with Fallout in particular, we’re comfortable that the game is coming out this year—we can finally say that.

The game is coming out this year, fall 2008. Knowing where we are in the project and all the work that is finished and all the work we still have to do, I think we’re all so wrapped up in the game that we’re creating, that there just comes a point where you just can’t worry what the hardcore fanbase is going to scream at you about on the forums, you know? You have to make the game that you’re making and know that it’s a good one and continue with that.

There’s more, you can check it here.


8 thoughts on “Next Gen Interview with Emil

  1. and kurosawa was inspired by shakespeare. WILL THIS CHAIN OF MADNESS NEVER END?!

    he must have rented the new beowulf dvd this week. too bad it didn’t inspire him to get ray winstone for voice over work. mr. french fucking rocks. still lists the release date as September 08. Amazon says Sept 28th. EBGames says shipping on 9/9.

    they better get the hype train rolling at E3.

  2. yea i would never base my expectations by a retailer’s release date.

    I’d go by whatever people are currently using in a forum like Gamespot though (til they change their minds)

  3. Nice to finally have the truth… the devs do not worry about what gets posted in the bethesda forums! Because they “know what’s fun”, “you know”.

  4. Eh. I like Bethesda a lot, but it’s all because of Morrowind. I was so ridiculously excited for Oblivion, bought it the day it came out, and was very turned off by a number of their design choices. Specifically, it was much more of an action game than Morrowind was (clearly designed for consoles, expected less of you as a player).

    I think that there’s a lot of potential for this to be a killer game (still), but I’m hoping they stuck to their PnP gamer roots and made a game that’s true to the Fallout experience AND incorporates their brand of fun. Knowing what you, as a hardcore gamer, find to be “fun” won’t make a bit of difference if you have to heavily compromise your vision for cross-platform accessibility and lowest common denominator market acceptance.

    You don’t need to design for the hardest of the hardcore fans to make a good RPG. Just don’t deliver a thinly veiled action game where your only goal is to get “phat lewtz” and kill stuff for the sake of some overarching story. Combat is important (very important) but it’s certainly not the reason I play RPGs.

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