Gamebryo Shows Off Shadowing Technology

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Gamebryo is the engine behind Fallout 3, and on this video, spotted at Kotaku, you can see a demo of their new, hmmm, shadowing technology.


3 thoughts on “Gamebryo Shows Off Shadowing Technology

  1. NEW shadowing technology indeed. I think it’s based on DX10 though. Anyway, it looks like Offset project, what game is that?

    Also, it doesn’t mean FO3 will have that, because 360 probably can’t handle it. The graphics are amazing, even if she’s a bit overdone and odd…

  2. Who knows what Fallout 3 will have? Their Gamebryo engine is heavily modified anyway. They already modified it further for parallax occlusion mapping, if it’s capable they might include this.

    Though I’m not sure if they’re interested in unrealistically large breasts.

    It’s still sad to see how a bunch of people talented enough to raise graphics to that level are immature enough to use it for huge boobs. Sad.

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