The PA Is A Lie


So you’ve read about the controversy on the PA on the Official XBox Magazine cover, and saw that Brother None already said that didn’t look the PA he saw on the Fallout 3 demo. Now Todd Howard, through a post of Community Manager Matt “Gstaff” Grandstaff finally confirmed that it isn’t in fact the in game PA. Here’s what Gstaff posted:

Gstaff: I shared some of the feedback you guys have been giving with Todd yesterday. He explained to me the following, which I thought you might find interesting:

Todd Howard: I agree, and I don’t think the cover shows him well. It all has to do with the FOV of the character when he got rendered for the cover image (it’s not in-game), it makes his head look huge and his torso look skinny. I assure you in-game, the armor looks much bulkier. See the other screenshots we released. Also, this power armor is specifically not the T-51b.

Thanks for the heads up Grobindonk.


6 thoughts on “The PA Is A Lie

  1. Funny thing, now that Howard and to a point Gstaff admit it does not look good and is a poor shot… you can re-read a lot of earlier posts where people said “It looks great!” or “I like it!”.

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