That PA Is Weird


After the Fallout 3 OXM cover was shown many complaints surfaced against the Powered Armor that we can see depicted there. On the long discussion about it on the Bethesda Games Fallout 3 forum a few more creative ideas were put forward, but now Brother None at No Mutants Allowed, someone that actually saw the PA’s in the Fallout 3 demo, brings some his views to this issue:

In fact, back on topic, I don’t remember powered armor looking like this in the demo. SuAside might remember differently, but while powered armor looked more “smooth and segmented”, so to speak, so less like a tank and more like body “plated” armor, it didn’t look so emaciated.

It’s quite possible the magazine editor stretched it, though that would be unusual and stupid of them – so it’s not likely.

He also clearly remembers the female and male NPCs wearing the same Powered Armor models.

Spotted at NMA.

Update: all is explained now.


3 thoughts on “That PA Is Weird

  1. it looks terrible and i doubt very seriously that anything in the game will actually look anything like this. reminds me of that over airbrushed/touched up oblivion cover that was passed around like a dime-store whore a few years back.

  2. Remember it’s now, what, half a year ago since I saw the demo?

    I’m fairly sure, but not 100%, so treat it very carefully as “rumour”. Maybe someone else who has seen the demo can corroborate.

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