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Since a while the complaints about the excessive laudatory tone and lack of knowledge about the Fallout world of gaming reporters have been piling up on the Bethesda Games Fallout 3 forum. Now for those Fallout fans Bethsoft Community manager Matt “Gstaff” Grandstaff has some surprising (and quite sound) advice:

I guess I don’t have the checklist of who you trust and who don’t trust. From what I’ve seen, there have been previews written for Fallout 3 from journalists that have never played a Fallout game before (I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that…it gives a different perspective), but I also know that self-proclaimed Fallout fans, like Desslock from PC Gamer and Will Porter from CVG, have had favorable things to say about the game. For Fallout fans, it certainly makes sense for these previews, as well as what Brother None and SuAside said in their previews, to carry more weight than some of the other previews out there — since it’s coming from folks that love Fallout.

You might also check out the “Tale of Two Cities” feature on NMA, where Brother None and Desslock share differing opinions regarding Fallout 3 — having both seen the game.

I hope that helps.

Sure does. A bit surprising, still some good advice.


3 thoughts on “Checklist of Trust

  1. He forgot Jeff Green, though I’d have to agree Will Porter and Desslock are the most outspoken of Fallout fans. Desslock is Desslock, and Will Porter even dedicated a retrospective article to Fallout, probably one he forced on his chief editor. Like any true fan would :salute:

    Gstaff was quite laudatory about Tale of Two Cities, though it’s obviously not an all-encompassing article, and people will still get out of it what they want (the SA people probably chuckled at how Desslock was handing me my ass or whatever)

    I would add to Matt’s remarks that there are also a few previews that are very strict in journalist standards and very high in information density and are useful for both non-Fallout and Fallout fans. The first two pages of NMA’s preview, for one, but also the Gamernode and Gaming Trend previews.

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