Surfs Up, Shooting Too



Previously I’ve talked about Surfer Girl naming Fallout 3 as the third best shooter for 2008. I went back to the source and asked her/him this:

Monday morning at 10 the Bethsoft people are going to start their computers and won’t be very pleased about your idea that Fallout 3 is going to the third best shooter in 2008.
They are very adamant that they are working on an RPG or a “cross bending genre” game.
Anything you want add to that opinion?

Here is the answer, sorry for the typos:

briosafreak: A shooter can have RPG elements unless I was confused when playing Mass Effect, BioShock, Deus Ex, et cetera. I definitely was not suggest that Fallout 3 won’t be one of the amongst the very best games of the year.


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