Electronic Arts Wants Take Two


Electronic Arts wants to acquire The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion North American publisher Take Two for two billion dollars, according to Next Generation. It wasn’t Ubisoft after all s001.

So is Bethsoft clear from this wave of consolidation or is something coming up later this year? Stay tuned.


5 thoughts on “Electronic Arts Wants Take Two

  1. For Pete’s sake.

    BethSoft is already a purchased/consolidated company. It’s not like there’s any “independence” left for them to sell.

    Would ZeniMax sell out? Honestly, I don’t see why they would, and I don’t think they’re particularly attractive, their portfolio is too small and narrow.

  2. From Meebo:

    Bethsoft isn’t owned by Take 2 so I don’t know why you’d think they’d be affected by EA wanting to buy them.

    I’m not saying that. Really, there’s not such connection on my blogpost. I only mentioned Take2 and Oblivion as a note, in the same sense Ashley Cheng did it:

    The Wash Post reports Take Two hasn’t posted a profit since 2005 – the year Oblivion shipped! Take Two published Oblivion on PC and Xbox 360.

    About this:

    Plus aren’t they spending a lot of money to do more self publishing anyway? Isn’t that what the London office is for, so they don’t have to have someone else publish for them?

    Yes, but are they still a possible target for acquisition even with that expansion? Yes they are, but that doesn’t mean an attempt will be made.

    That was my point, to ask if they are completely off the hook since the consolidation season seems to be nearing its end, or if they still have to remain vigilant. Just that, a question.

  3. After Bioware/Pandemic/EA and Activision/Blizzard this last one seems the last of the really big moves. But you might be right, and that’s why I’m asking if middle size acquisitions and mergers are still on the foreseeable horizon, and if some surprises are coming or not.

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