Surfer Girl: Fallout 3 a Great Shooter



Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars is the number one blog for gaming world gossips. In one of the last posts before the author/authors went to the GDC we could read this:

Also, Far Cry 2 is the first-person shooter of the year (sorry, Resistance 2)…sorry about that person doubting you. The console versions are definitely not Far Cry 2 Instincts, there is very little compromise in anything other than graphics. Better than Crysis and the first Far Cry, best first-person title since BioShock (sorry, Clint), best thing to come out of Ubi Montreal since Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time. Trailer should be coming very, very soon. More on this some other time, perhaps.

So someone asked what the number three shooter of the year was going to be, here’s the answer:

Fallout 3, based off what I’ve seen/heard.

Ok then.


17 thoughts on “Surfer Girl: Fallout 3 a Great Shooter

  1. Surfer Girl is an industry-wide commentator, and that comment can be taken a number of ways… For starters, she might not have paid enough attention to the previews to see anything more than the screenshots.

    On the other hand, even if she does know something, she might be a Fallout fan and that could be a sarcastic comment about the direction they’re taking it instead of leak about what the game will be about.

    Also, I’d take all she says with a big grain of salt. Gossip is fine and all, but it’s just that.

  2. I’ve rarely seen Surfer Girl claims something that turned out incorrect.

    But this isn’t a claim or rumour. It’s an opinion. “Fallout 3 looks like the 3rd best FPS of 2008” is an opinion. If Todd’s to be believed, Fallout 3 is a “gender-blender”, so there’s nothing wrong with putting it in a list of FPSs instead of a list of RPGs. That has nothing to do with Surfer Girl’s opinion, that’s Todd’s attitude.

  3. If you believe in ghost, and all that, she might be believable

    Uhm, ok.

    Seriously, I don’t really know a better source of rumours on the internet. Lots of blogs spread rumours and claim inside information, but Surfer Girl tends to be correct in what she says. I never said she was always right.

    I have no idea why this is making you so upset.

    And regardless, again, this is not a rumour, it’s an opinion. Tell me, what – by Todd’s definition – would be wrong with classifying Fallout 3 as one of the top FPSs of next year? Since it’s a gender blender, classify it as whatever you like.

    No idea why it was posted here, tho’

  4. No idea why it was posted here, tho’

    Even if there wasn’t a complete drought on Fallout 3 info, making me to follow what’s written at NMA, the Bethblog and google, adding just a few things here and there myself, I would still blog this.

    Seeing industry insiders perception of the game help us to have a better picture of what’s in stake here, and acts as a small contribution for Bethsoft to tweak their communication strategy.

    Also, and now that I’ve thought it through, it’s a good way to dispel the myth that only extreme hardcore fallout fans are calling the game an FPS.

  5. It doesn’t make me upset, I didn’t really even discuss the blog post at hand. Mainly the fact that “surfergirl” isn’t that great source.

  6. Compared to what standard, droveri? This is the internetz, there are more rumours here than there are hairs on my ass…

    Of all claimed or real industry insider, surfergirl has possible the highest amount of accuracy in what she claims.

    In this highly regimented PR regime that is the gaming industry, that makes her blog pretty interesting. 100% reliable? Nothing is 100% reliable, including official game PR.

  7. Why? It’s not like her additional comment is really relevant, no more than this one was. Sorry dude, but I’m not seeing your angle.


    Monday morning at 10 the Bethsoft people are going to start their computers and won’t be very pleased about your idea that Fallout 3 is going to the third best shooter in 2008.

    You friggin’ BethSoft’s errand boy now?

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