Let’s Not Undersell Fallout 3


New Todd Howard interview at Videogaming 247 (never heard of it either):

videogaming247: You’ve been keen to stress that Fallout 3 isn’t a shooter, that it’s an RPG in which you shoot. Firstly, why does the game’s classification matter so much, and, secondly, doesn’t the fact that the game has shooting elements means it’s going to appeal to both those interested in RPGs and those interested in FPSs?

Todd Howard: You’re probably right, in that it appeals to fans of both, and we’re OK with that. I don’t know that the game’s classification does matter much. I like to think of RPGs as the best genre-blenders, in that you can do anything in them. No type of interaction is off limits and you can have action parts, puzzle solving parts, or anything else. When you’re making a shooter, you never ask “can the player get married and have kids?” When you’re making an RPG, that type of thinking goes on all the time, so while it may look like a shooter, I think that dramatically undersells what the game does.[…]

videogaming247: Twelve alternate endings sounds, to be frank, mental. Why so many? Do you feel the need for this product to be definitive?

Todd Howard: That number is artificially inflated, in that what you get at the very end is based on a number of things you’ve done. Some of those tweaks to the ending are pretty small, so I think it’s better to simply say the game has multiple endings based on what you did. Some of the really big decisions that affect the end you make right at the end, but some of them deal more with your karma, and how you’ve lived your life.

videogaming247: Finally, can we expect all the SKUs to launch at once, or are we looking at a similar situation to the Oblivion release, where Microsoft enjoyed an exclusivity period on the console side?

Todd Howard: They should all be the same date, that’s our plan.

Spotted at the BethBlog, you can read the rest here.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Not Undersell Fallout 3

  1. It’s A PR ‘Thang’, Yo- Wouldn’t Understand

    Twelve, one dozen, one twelfth of a gross
    a fine number to dangle, dazzle, and miss direct

    our most common denominations,

    to wet, to tickle, to effuse the average imaginations.

    A scaled range that won’t tax the Bethsoft equipment
    and pumps up the promise that SIZE counts,
    more ocean to motion, more thrill to the thrust.
    Big, bigger, biggest money shot in town.

    Pick a number that impresses, scaled to the package to be misdirected.

    Reminds me of an old quip, why women can’t accurately measure …

    because their boy friendz always proclaimed in the aroused state …

    that 5 or 6,

    is actually … 8.


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