It’s the Size That Matters


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From Games for Windows:

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (PC, Xbox 360, PS3) was made famous by its massive scope, coupled with a huge game world for people. With Fallout 3 (PS3, PC, Xbox 360) on the horizon, it becomes obvious that comparisons will be made, especially in terms of the size of the game world. Luckily, we’ve just been assured that, while the game world for Fallout 3 won’t be as big as Oblivion’s, it’ll still be huge, with a ton of stuff to do in the game world.

From Joystiq:

It’s said that bigger is not necessarily better, and it’s a mantra that Oblivion dev Bethesda seems to have subscribed to for their next sprawling adventure, Fallout 3. In a massive interview with Gameplayer, Bethesda spokesperson Pete Hines said that, though no one had walked Fallout 3‘s post-apocolyptic D.C. from end to end, it’s probably 50 to 80 percent as big as the world of Oblivion.

From PSU:

Pete Hines, Bethesda’s Vice President of Marketing, has revealed that the upcoming post-apocalyptic outing Fallout 3 will feature a smaller game world than that of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
Speaking to Australian website Gameplayer, Hines commented, “The world is much smaller than Oblivion, but packed with stuff to do. We’ve never bothered to walk across the world, but it’s between 50 to 80 per cent of the size of Oblivion.”

“One thing we did well in Oblivion was the relative distance between you and things to do in the world. Drop a ball on the map and there’s stuff to do within a certain distance. A world of endless space and meaningless walking is just not fun.”

This can be found everywhere on the web, it’s about the article I’ve talked before. I have two comments on this:

First we know since June last year that is the size of the Fallout 3 world, it’s even talked about briefly on the Community FAQ.

And second shouldn’t people be comparing Fallout 3’s world to the previous Fallout games, and not Oblivion? What is this game then, Fallout 3 or TeS 5? Geez…


7 thoughts on “It’s the Size That Matters

  1. I don’t have a feeling for the size of Oblivion’s world having never played it, but personally I’d be happiest if the world size was approximately the size of the one in Fallout (1). What I think is the wrong kind of thinking is that big world equals more content. But personally I think that it’s a much better idea to make a world the size of Fallout and then fill it with the same amount of content of say Fallout 2 or Arcanum. While you’d be running around the same places more, I think that the developer would be able to focus more on the interaction between the places in the game, and what’s more important the choices and consequences that people speak so much about.
    In other words, I would like it developers started to think more about how to push this aspect of RPGs, I get the impression that we haven’t really had an improvement in this since Fallout.

    Oh by the way, I started playing Star Control 2 recently. What an awesome game, lots of developers should take notes from this game’s design.

  2. im really waiting to see how they handle random encounters. (if they have them at all)

    im sure most of you played oblivion. one thing that i wouldnt mind seeing is a similar travel system. (you know, find a place on the map and quick travel, once you have walked there once.)

    I always got a kick out of being level one, traveling somewhere that was too close to a higher level area to end up getting slaughtered by a pack of mutants

    even half the size of oblivion is going to be HUGE! I hope they get as creative with the missions as they did in Oblivion. Most of those quests were not as cookie cutter as say a game like Assassins creed (which was dreadful)….that is one thing ol’ beth did do right.

  3. im really waiting to see how they handle random encounters. (if they have them at all)

    Yes they have, they assigned one designer for them.

    (you know, find a place on the map and quick travel, once you have walked there once.)

    Yes, it’s going to be like that.

    I hope they get as creative with the missions as they did in Oblivion.

    I hope they get much more creative than that…

  4. yea of course I hope they get more creative…..

    cave clearing was by FAR the most boring part of oblivion by far.That and actually clearing out the gates…. i found the in city missions to be most interesting. The character interaction and conversation is why I will be buying the game.

    most memorable ones for me: stay over night (rest in the shop) then a few of thieves appear. Also assassinating the entire assassin’s guild; killing everyone in the house without letting them know you are doing it. I’m trying to think of a few other ones that were really interesting…..I havent played the game since I beat it and finished the side quests….

    and thanks for the quck replyBrios!

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