Inside the Dream: Jeff Browne


New Inside the Vault feature at the Bethblog, this time with Level Designer Jeff Browne:

What’s your job at Bethesda?
I am a level designer and currently working on Fallout 3. My job consists of coming up with ideas for layouts based on quest designs, designer feedback, and what I think would be fun. Then I block them out in the editor and write up a quick level design document (LDD) for each layout. In the LDD, I explain the basic flow, mood, atmosphere, and gameplay I want to have in the level. Throughout the course of the project, the level continuously changes based on feedback from leads, level designers, QA, peer reviews, etc. In the end, I hope to have a level that is interesting, fun, and memorable.

By the way what did he liked more about Fallout:

Revenge. Trying to kill the Deathclaws in Boneyard with explosives at a low level – not having the skill to do so and blowing myself up half the time. Then coming back later all decked out with my fancy gear and finally taking them down. Yeah, revenge was sweet in Fallout.


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