Fallout 3: No Mark Morgan


Game OST, a Russian game soundtrack website, has interviewed Mark Morgan, the Fallout 1 and 2 composer, after all these years, and in there he confirms that he is not making any soundtrack for Fallout 3:

G-OST: Bethesda Softworks currently developing Fallout 3 keeps silence regarding main composer’s name. Atmosphere goes really hot around this. It’s even been rumors that Jeremy Soule is in charge, what caused hard civil commotion, but then he announced that he’s out of game. Most of people, including us (we can be fired saying this) believe that you’re ideal and only person to take over this position. Additionally, investigators found out that your profile at www.gsamusic.com contains Fallout 3 reference. It’s your chance to unbosom yourself – is that true or another misinformation created to conceal your life, Mr. Morgan?

Mark: Thanks for the kind words, I would love to do that game, but I have not been asked. I’m hopeful after doing the other two “Fallout” games and other projects over the years, I could take “Fallout 3” to another level musically. As far as the http://www.gsamusic site, it’s obviously a misprint.[…]

G-OST: Fallout 3 official site met the visitors with concept art and quite energetic symphonic track. It was almost shocking to hear this… ‘cause Fallout always associated with dark ambient and ethnic elements impregnation. How do you imagine Fallout 3 soundtrack? Haven’t you and Tim had an idea to make Fallout 1-2 music more symphonic?

Mark: Like I said earlier, I would take “Fallout 3” to a much more modern place, while honoring a lot of the elements of the earlier games. Maybe heavier, more ethnic, more rhythmic, it could be a hybrid with some orchestral elements. Just nothing traditional. As I recall, Tim and I never discussed anything orchestral. Now that you’ve brought this to my attention, it would be exciting to be involved with the new game.

There’s much more talk about Fallout and the old Interplay games, go and have a look. The Russians can find anything, it’s amazing…

By the way who is the main composer then? Anyone has any tips?

Spotted at NMA.


10 thoughts on “Fallout 3: No Mark Morgan

  1. I know, but both my spell checkers refused the word… I’ll edit anyway.

    Now go and get both seasons of Rome, except for the family structure it shows a pretty good historical portrait of the pre Augustian days.

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