Doomsday Is Coming


If you are anticipating the post-apoc movie Doomsday that is coming soon then check the interview made with Neil Marshall, the director.

Hey Brother None Bob Hoskins is one of the actors in this flick.


4 thoughts on “Doomsday Is Coming

  1. Yeah, he’s an old fart now.

    Jeesh, the Long Good Friday is a great film, though. That final scene is one of the greatest scenes in cinematic history. Can’t think of more than half a dozen actors in the history of cinema that could pull that off, and Bob is one of ’em.

    He’s been great in other films, though, and I don’t just mean Roger Rabbit. He’s awesome in Felicia’s Journey, and pretty much the only good thing about Danny the Dog. He’ll be good in this one, again.

    I bet he’s even good in Son of the Mask and Garfield 2, if I could bring myself to watch that shit.

    Just read the mini-biography on imdb. Written by meeee! Gleee! First thing you find when you google my name, too. That’s sure to help in any future job interviews.

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