The OC: Interplay Wants You


From Gamasutra:

A veteran of the electronic entertainment industry, Interplay is returning to the development arena to create a next generation MMORPG. The rebirth of Interplay’s studio presents qualified individuals with the unique opportunity to enter development at the ground floor.

So they are looking for a Technical Director:

Interplay Entertainment is looking for a qualified, motivated Technical Director to join our team working on a next generation MMORPG. We are looking for a team player who can accurately anticipate the project’s needs; someone who can constructively contribute to the quality of the game as a whole and share in its vision; someone who is an accomplished manager, serving the needs of all of the Lead Programmers.[…]

• Exhibit enthusiasm, positive attitude, and charisma. Must be a proven leader.
• 3+ years of management experience in the game industry with at least one shipped title as a manager.
• 6+ years of programming experience.
• Working knowledge of the various aspects of game development.
• B.S. in Computer Science or equivalent.
• Detail-oriented and driven by results.
• Excellent problem solving skills.
• Outstanding coding and debugging skills.
• Strong oral and written communication skills.
• The ability to motivate and inspire those around them.

Wouldn’t Hurt to Have:
• Previous MMORPG experience.
• Familiarity with the Fallout universe.

To Apply:
If you meet the listed requirements and want to be part of a great team offering a bright future then we want to hear from you!

Please submit the following directly to:

Please include…
• Cover letter stating your availability.
• Current CV / Resume

On the announcement they state that they are moving from Herve Caens house on Beverlly Hills into a proper place in Orange County. I’m still puzzled with this situation…

You can read the entire message here, thanks go for NMA for spotting this.


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