NMA Brotherhood of Steel Contest


From No Mutants Allowed:

A little while ago, Bethesda released a developer diary describing for the first time the background events leading up to persistent Brotherhood activity in war-torn Washington D.C. Opinions on the piece were vocal and divided. Some thought it was a reasonable take showing that even Elders of the Brotherhood can undergo character growth in the face of wasteland realities; others decried it as a hamfisted retooling out of step with Fallout lore. Obviously such an argument can have no definitive resolution.

But why leave it there? We at NMA invite you to don your creative hat and present your own vision of the Brotherhood, where they are now and how they got there. Your assignment is to write your own version of this story, to tell it the way you would want it to be told, to set the Brotherhood up for the game you would want to play.

Your entry must be centred on the premise that the Brotherhood of Steel, or some group using their name and trappings, are operating on the East Coast. Who are they? What do they represent? What’s their history, what state do we find them in, what’s their agenda? We’re looking for stories that are ambitious, well-considered, well-written, consistent and believable.

All surrounding details are mutable. You can but do not have to refer to other aspects of the setting and plot of Fallout 3 that have been revealed or hinted at, or try to guess at undisclosed plot points. You can frame your piece however you like, but don’t forget about the content.

To fuel your creative efforts at fan writing, we’ll be offering up a desirable fan prize. The winner will receive a poster-sized print of any one art piece by renowned fan artist Defonten: City Ruins, Cafe of Broken Dreams or Brand New Reno.

For the rest of the details, the rules and where to submit to, go to:
NMA Brotherhood of Steel Writing Contest.

Also, let me take this chance to remind everyone that stuff like the Fallout 3 preview and this only happen thanks to your generous donations. NMA is a non-profit site, we do not make money from our banners. So thank you, Mr Donating Man!


4 thoughts on “NMA Brotherhood of Steel Contest

  1. They went searching for the Holy Hand Grenade, which is the only artifact that can stop Bethesda and their evil army of the dea… errr, supermutants. Contrary to popular belief, the hand grenade’s devastating effect is not an explosion. When the “timer” reaches zero it transforms into a gramophone which loops “Indian Love Call” *, causing the supermutants’ heads to explode.

    So what did I win? 😀

    Indian Love Call: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4a28EBGEkCs
    Yes, that’s from Mars Attacks!

  2. Drat, I’ve hit the Submit button too soon. Anyway, I’m looking forward to what folks will come up with, should be interesting.

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