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Gary has a cool car

After the Inside the Vault feature last week Gary “VXSS” Noonan took some time on the Bethesda Games Fallout 3 Forum to reply to a few more questions, here is a snippet:

Is the work environment very:

None and all of the above. Everyone has their own way of working. Me, personally…. I am always cranky, whiney, and I avoid everyone unless I actually have to communicate. I save the good moods for weekends.

Whom do you work well with?

I try to work well with everyone. I can’t say it always goes well, but we go to work to make games, not friends, right? tongue.gif

Whom do you have trouble seeing eye to eye with? (And saying “Bob, he’s 8 inches taller than me” does not count as an answer here people!)

Everyone, at some point in time. Try stopping by during a beta crunch….

On the subject of beers… which one do you usualy drink and have you ever tried european ones?

Nothing beats a Guinness draft.

What’s your favorite PnP RPG?

No PnP for me. The only dice I sling are in Craps. wink.gif

What influence do/have they have/had on your work (past to present)?

Considering my previous answer, I would have to say none for $500 Alex.

What game(s), other than the Fallout games, are most influential on Fallout 3? (not ment to be loaded, many games have good things that can be adapted to other franchises)

Other than previous FO titles…. well, off the bat, I can say I got some fair inspiration from STALKER. Loved the atmosphere and desparate mood it set. And on some distant level, the environments in Gears of War laid out a nice wasted civilization feel that we were dealing with.


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