Let’s Have New Screenshots


Can we make a judgment on Fallout 3 based on the screenshots we have? Matt “Gstaff” Grandstaff replies:

I’d say it’s pretty tough. If you have ideas of what types of screenshots would help show RPG elements, send them my way. I can always make a suggestion.

So if you think of some particular shots of the game to show dialog, character creation, exploring and so forth that you would like to see, send the suggestions to Gstaff. In the meanwhile take a look on the new CVG Fallout 3 demo pics.


9 thoughts on “Let’s Have New Screenshots

  1. Well, if we were to stick to the parameters of the demo, I think specific things that people’d like to see uncovered is:

    -a bit of the Mr Burke dialogue that shows what lines the PC has and the % of success/failure
    – a better look of a room inside the vault
    – the red flashing “unsufficient skill level” warning when trying to fix da bomb.
    – Inventory screen (or that weird PipBoy-included character screen)
    – Character screen
    – Protectron!

    But seriously, the game should be *about* RPG elements. It should be hard to show a screen without RPG elements, not with them.

  2. how about a town with people milling about going about their daily business? (npc scheduling)

    an iguana bob stand (i know you fuckers relocated those too)

    show us some important npcs in their element. lyons inspecting the barracks… the sheriff strolling through junktown east with his best chuck norris look on… etc

  3. Another suggestion that came by Meebo:

    I’d like to see videos of several paths through the same dialog. Like show the character screen, then talk to a guy and see what choices are there. Then show a character screen with different stats, and go through the dialog again. Or a set of videos that show mulitple paths through the same short quest. Screenshots are too static to show choice & consequence in any meaningful way.

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