IGN PC Editors Lists


IGN asked all their editors to make their own personal games to watch in 2008 lists, first we have IGN PC editors Charles Onyett and Steve Butts lists, with Fallout 3 tidbits:

Steve Butts:

3) Fallout 3
Genre: Roleplaying
Developer: Bethesda Softworks
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Why?: Bethesda really knows how to make a gigantic roleplaying game filled with interesting choices, flexible morality and open-ended problem solving. But those who thought that the recent Elder Scroll games were a little too epic will be happy to hear that the developers have decided to tell a much more focused story with this post-apocalyptic RPG. Sure, some Fallout fans are upset that the game’s format is a bit different this time around, but I was utterly captivated by the idea of exploring the bombed out remains of Washington DC from a ground level perspective. It’s a great world with a great developer with a great design.

Charles Onyett:

7) Fallout 3
Genre: Roleplaying
Developer: Bethesda Softworks
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Why?: This is pretty much a no-brainer when making these kind of lists. It’s Bethesda, it’s the return of the Fallout universe, what’s not to get excited about? I’m not one of the Fallout hardcore that has an aneurysm whenever first-person and Fallout are mentioned in the same sentence, so I’m really looking forward to what’s being done here. Based on the 2007 demo Bethesda showed off a few times, things seem to be going well. It looks sort of like Oblivion in terms of how characters interact and animate, though better, and appears to have recreated to some degree the contrast of humor and horrific living conditions that made the franchise so memorable in the first place. The first thing I’m probably going to do, though, is look through all the little Pipboy pictures in the game. They’re usually good for a laugh.

More on other platforms to come.


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