Misc: The Cake Edition, Not a Lie Too


Cake by Summer and her granddaughter

Just a few notes to point out that Bethsoft now has a blog on IGN, nothing new in there for now.

Also if you own a iPhone then you can get some webclip icons on the Beth blog.

And also on the Bethesda Blog you can find their last Inside the Vault featuring lead interface programmer Erik Deitrick:

What’s your job at Bethesda?
I’m an interface programmer. So I work on menus and minigames.What other games have you worked on?
I started off at Ubisoft working on Tarzan Untamed for the GameCube, which was a platformer geared to a young audience. I then worked at a failed dot-com making small games for a platform that never made it to market, which is a shame because my head-to-head wackamole would have revolutionized all mole-based games. Then I got hired here at Bethesda and worked on Oblivion, and now Fallout 3.


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