Sunday Night Movie Apocalypse!


Seems post apoc movies are coming back, first some good news about Cormac McCarthy’s The Road movie adaptation:

News from the adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road is that Charlize Theron is now on the cast list alongside previously revealed Viggo Mortensen. Theron will play Mortensen’s wife, although the role can’t be very big and she will probably only be seen in flashbacks. I best not spoil the plot too much – go read the book; it’s superb.

Spotted this at, more on the Variety website.

Also on I saw the trailer of Doomsday, a must see for post apoc fans:

Finally the seventh part, and last of the season, of the post apoc webseries Lady Wasteland is up.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Night Movie Apocalypse!

  1. the proposition was good, I still have hope for this one. Viggo was pretty stellar in Eastern Promises. Not Daniel Day-Lewis in TWBB-stellar but still pretty rocking. Like the way this one is shaping up so far.

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