Let’s Talk Fallout

Fanmade Trailer by Roboverall

Another three questions by KTTDestroyer for Bethsoft developers, again made on the Bethesda Games Fallout 3 Forum:

1. What is (or was) your favorite recruitable NPC in past Fallout games, which was the less favorite and what do you think made them your favorite (or not)?

2. (Excluding perks) Did it happened that on one or more occasions you were discussing something from this board in terms of bending your view towards it or simply including it? If yes, what topic area from forum was discussed or discussed mostly (like moral, art/graphics, lore stuff, gameplay and so). If not, are you planning to do so in future? (damn long question it become, excuse me)

3. What do you think of groin and eye shots in Fallout past games and what purpose it had (in your opinion) in those games? Do you remember a certain situation for you using those?

Here are a few answers:

Ricardo “socrates200x” Gonzalez:

1. Robo-Dog! It’s ( He’s? ) all the coolness of Dogmeat but inside a friggin’ robot!

2. As a coder, I have a very specific field of influence for changes in the game. Possible holes in the BoS backstory? Changes in world architecture? Not my bag. Now, if you want discuss the use of static const member variables over pre-processor defines, then we can talk turkey!

3. I took mostly eye shots since they appeared to crit more and, if I was lucky ( and I was ), I got a nice head explody. Groin shots didn’t seem to do as much damage for me. Aside from those numerical benefits, I didn’t really have a preference regarding aimed shots. Except for the ovipositor shots. I’m all about taking me some ovipositor shots.

Dan Ross:

1. I think the Dogmeat answer might be a little cliche, but I loved watching him tear apart raiders and I honestly felt bad when he got killed the first time. Not enough to roll back to an old save and try again…

2. Not really my department, so no.

3. I don’t use aimed shots much; I am a fan of the Fast Shot trait. Even without it I still prefer to get an extra shot off because I like 10 Agility characters so much! If I had to reload or something and I did take an aimed shot instead of moving, it was usually at the head. Unless eyes had the same % as head of course.

Fred “fizzbang” Zeleny:

1) That’d have to be a tie for Dogmeat and Sulik, for a couple of shared reasons:

a) They both had a lot of memorable personality – either through amusing dialogue for Sulik or for my attachment to Dogmeat as pretty much a doomed companion (since it’s all but impossible to keep him alive forever). I’ll probably go to my grave remembering them fondly.

b) They both join you pretty early in their respective games, meaning they’re with you through those really formative first few levels.

c) They both use melee attacks, so they’re not constantly screwing up and shooting me to death. That got on my nerves a lot – once in a while is fine and a nice touch, but killing me because of it? Not cool.

2) A lot of the concerns raised on this forum (and other parts of the web) are already shared by many of us – and sometimes, it can be quite reassuring to point to thread X or post Y and say, “See, I’m not the only one who thinks that!” A little reassurance can make the long hours much easier.

As I’ve said since the ancient days of the single-digit Meet The Devs threads, my main concerns are the quality of our writing and the freedom given to the player – the original Fallout set the gold standard for those, and it’s a lot to live up to. And, obviously, I’m not alone in thinking that.

3) Honestly, once I got my character’s preferred combat skill up high enough, I never attacked anyone in anything other than the eyes. Occasionally I played around with a groin shot here and there, but combat is so lethal and so slow in them that I just went to end fights as quickly as possible. That way I could get back to the dialogue and exploration that much faster.

And just one more question, this time by xellee:

What do you think about “shooting you in the back” (some) companions had a habit of doing?

Ben “Specialty Bread” Carnow replies:

Well as I understand it (could be wrong, going from memory) the party members were a somewhat tacked on feature (in FO1 anyway). So I think to some degree the habit of shooting you in the back could be attributed to under-developed AI. However the fact that your companions would often reduce you to a bloody husk served to make the combat extra-unforgiving and honestly made them sort of endearing. I would always curse for a half a second before laughing like an idiot as (what was left of) my character slumped to the ground. I guess that is really an issue of the wonderful death animations covering for the AI deficiencies though. I wish more games would invest in interesting death effects, I find that in other genres too (fps mostly) that dying in amusing ways takes the sting out of death and makes me eager to get back to the game instead of frustrated. The AI burst-firing you in the spine was a little bit more frustrating in FO2 where you could (for most characters) tell them not to burst-fire, and then they would proceed to do it anyway, possibly with additional zeal. But oh Marcus, I just can’t stay mad at you.

((((((Here are some extra parenthesis for you in case you didn’t get enough in the body of my post.))))))

There’s more, I had to edit things a bit, so go and take a look for yourselves.


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