Fallout 3, Will It Be Delayed?


On the IGN PC article I’ve talked about earlier they also make some bold predictions for 2008, with this snippet of particular relevance:

Fallout 3 Pushed to Early 2009:

Yes, we can hear you screaming “say it ain’t so!,” but honestly if you’ve followed video games with any sort of regularity, this kind of claim shouldn’t strike you as particularly surprising. Bethesda has a proven track record of delaying games past their originally announced released dates, the most recent example being The Elder Scrolls IV being pushed from 2005 to March of 2006. It happened with Morrowind too, moving from a late 2001 window to May of 2002. We’re certainly hopeful it doesn’t happen with Fallout 3 because, well, we’re very much looking forward to playing another Fallout game, even if it’s a far cry from the hex-based original. Please prove us wrong, Bethesda.

I’m betting the game is released this year. I almost missed this, but saw it on time at RPGWatch.


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