Socratic Construction


We still don’t know if there will be a construction set for Fallout 3, but in the event of that happening than you won’t be able to create a pure Oblivion with guns, according to Matt “Gstaff” Grandstaff:

I checked with our folks in legal. You’re not supposed to be able to take content from Morrowind and put it into an Oblivion mod, so it wouldn’t work to take stuff from Oblivion and put it into Fallout 3, or vice versa.

Still on the Bethesda Games Fallout 3 Forum here are some thoughts of Ricardo “socrates200x” Gonzalez on the original Fallout:

1. What do you think of child killing in fallout past games and what porpose it had (in you opinion) in those games?

To be honest, I never tried it out. Slaver-killing, check. Mutie-killing, check. Never crossed-off child-killing with any of my characters; even my bad-ass ones just ignored them, or at worst, stole back whatever those urchins in The Den stole from me. What do I think the purpose of killing a child was? Hmm..depends on why you did it, I guess.

2. What differences do you see between super mutants from fallout 1 and from fallout 3? Or what do you see (what makes them look original, color, eyes or so) that makes them look as they do in Fallout 1?

From the screenshots we’ve seen, I’d say the two big differences I spot are the lack of the endearing lip-holster and less bulky shoulders. Overall, I guess the new mutants are more anthropomorphically toned. Maybe they found some old Pilates holotapes?

3. Which is your favorite settlement or organization of past fallout games (fallout 1 & 2)?

Any of the BoS centers, those bastions of sweet tech and swishing doors. I especially dug talking to the half-sentient ZAX in San Francisco that was starting to lose it a little and just beginning to figure out was “it” was.

Those questions came from KTTDestroyer.


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